It’s the People: Jenny Medlock, General Manager, Carr Workplaces Capitol Hill

As a family-owned and operated company with roots in the hospitality industry, we’re a true team, dedicated to empowering and lifting one another up in our everyday work. You’ll see this sentiment reflected in the top-of-the-line service we provide to professionals like you — and in the communities we create and support in our national network of coworking centers.

In this latest “It’s the People” blog, you’ll get to know Jenny Medlock, the General Manager of Carr Workplaces’ Capitol Hill coworking center.

As General Manager of Carr Workplaces Capitol Hill, Jenny manages the center’s on-site community management team and ensures the day-to-day operations of the center are running smoothly.

Jenny first joined the Carr Workplaces’ team in February of 2007 as Director of First Impressions at Carr Workplaces King Street in Alexandria, Virginia, just after she graduated from college.

Since then, Jenny has been promoted several times and has worked in various capacities at several different Carr Workplaces locations.

“When I worked at the Willard Center from 2009 to 2013, I worked with Emilia Edson, who is now the Vice President of People at Carr Workplaces,” Jenny shared when asked about her favorite Carr Workplaces memory.

“At that time, the staff didn’t have designated offices. We were so successful at selling our workspaces that we literally worked out of a closet together for several months because all of the private offices were leased. It was fun and we made it work. It’s one of the best memories I have about working here.”

When she isn’t working, Jenny enjoys spending time with her nephews, who are 11 and 8 years old and is active in her church’s youth programs.

Meet Jenny Medlock, General Manager of Carr Workplaces Capitol Hill!

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Jenny’s Role and Responsibilities at Carr Workplaces Capitol Hill

17 years ago, Jenny was first introduced to Carr Workplaces by a friend of hers from church who worked for the company at the time and told her about the Community Manager/Director of First Impressions opening at Carr Workplaces’ King Street location in Alexandria, Virginia.

After being hired and spending a few years in the position, Jenny was promoted to Client Services Director at Carr Workplaces at The Willard Center in Washington, D.C. She’s also worked at Carr Workplaces Reston Town Center and as a Billing Associate and then Assistant General Manager at Carr Workplaces King Street.

“In my current role as General Manager at the Capitol Hill location, I’m focused on maintaining and keeping track of lease agreements, cultivating new business, and following up with clients to make sure their needs are being met, whether it’s something with their office space or helping a client expand because they’ve hired someone new,” Jenny shared.

“I also oversee the free tours we offer to real estate brokers who are looking for office space for their clients. All my work is centered on making sure the center is a success and managing people, whether they’re clients or staff,” she added.

Alongside Jenny, the Capitol Hill coworking center is staffed by a full-time community manager and an area community manager who splits time between the Capitol Hill location and Carr Workplaces City Center location.

What Jenny Appreciates About Carr Workplaces’ Company Culture

“It’s definitely the people,” Jenny answered when asked what she values most about Carr Workplaces’ company culture. “This is a good place with good people. I think leadership has focused on not just the client experience but also the personal experience for the staff.”

“When I first started at Carr Workplaces, it was a really small, close-knit group and I think we had just eight centers in the D.C. and D.M.V. area. We got to know each other really well. Even though we are larger now, that’s still an important aspect of the company that shapes everything we do. It’s a great place to work.”

According to Jenny, her first job with Carr Workplaces was her first position in a professional setting after college. She credits her early experiences and training at Carr Workplaces for shaping her professional identity.

Jenny also appreciates that she had the opportunity to work at different Carr Workplaces coworking centers in order to broaden her knowledge base. According to Jenny, her work as general manager today makes her happy and she enjoys helping clients on a day-to-day basis.

Jenny also mentioned how important the leadership at Carr Workplaces has been in taking a true client-first approach.

“It comes back to the people,” Jenny shared. “Mr. Carr, our founder, has been in D.C. for a long time and has stayed in tune with the market. He has been able to adapt the business to clients’ needs and how the market has changed over the years.”

Jenny noted that this people-first approach is why many clients tend to remain with Carr Workplaces for many years.

Before moving into the General Manager role, Jenny previously worked at the Capitol Hill center between 2014 and 2018. She said that it’s telling that many of the clients she worked with during that time are still working from the center today.

“It’s fun to see the growth internally within Carr Workplaces of where people have gone, but it’s also great to see our clients really just thriving and being successful in our spaces,” said Jenny. “One of the clients I worked with 10 years ago had two offices with us at the time and now they’re expanded into two suites. They went from a staff of two to a staff of eight.”

Jenny’s Life Outside of Work

When she isn’t working, Jenny enjoys spending time with her sister and two nephews, who live in the area. She also is involved in her church and enjoys getting outside for nature walks and hikes.

“I enjoy going up to Great Falls,” Jenny said. “They have a couple of trails up there that I enjoy. There’s also a nature preserve called Huntley Meadows that’s close by my dad’s house that I like to go to with my nephews.”

Jenny is an avid reader who enjoys fiction and non-fiction. She recently finished The Lost City of Z about an explorer searching for a lost city in the Amazon in the 1900s.

Like many of us, Jenny enjoys traveling and is currently planning a trip to Ireland in June with three of her best friends. Her previous travels include trips to Costa Rica, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.

Jenny hopes also to visit the Grand Canyon and other historical spots within the United States.

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