A hybrid product that allows you to work closer to home while also having access to an as-needed workspace in Manhattan.



Work near your home at Carr Workplaces Westchester while enjoying additional access to workspace hours at Carr Workplaces Grand Central in Midtown Manhattan. Our NY24 product features:

  • The use of a prestigious virtual business address at your home Carr Workplaces center – Westchester or Grand Central
  • Call handling services that include automated voicemail to email transcription, live transfer of phone calls, and call screening for an additional fee
  • 24 hours of private day office use that can be utilized at either our Westchester or Grand Central location

Flexible Work Options Are The Keys To The Future.


Why Should You Work With NY24?

NY24 is cost efficient.

You can now budget costs between a major city and an office near home. NY24 allows companies to offer their employees a cost-effective way to work near home while still retaining access to the city, without having to pay the fixed expense associated with an office lease in Manhattan.

NY24 is customizable.

With 24 hours of private day office use at your disposal per month, NY24 allows you to craft your experience to fit your schedule and your needs. Use any combination of your 24 monthly hours in Westchester or at Grand Central.

Who Should Use Our NY24 Product?

With today’s ever-changing work environment, we understand that you want more choices. We’ve seen that you want more flexibility in how you work, where you work, and how far you have to commute to work. With this in mind, we created NY24 – ideal for the productive professional looking to work closer to home while still enjoying access to a professional workspace in a prestigious city center. With NY24, you can enjoy the perks that come with flexible work such as increased productivity, profitability, and finding that work-life balance once again.

Could a Larger Enterprise Company Use NY24?

Yes! NY24 is also perfect for enterprise companies who have a large city headquarters office and are looking for ways to allow employees to work closer to home. NY24 alleviates these companies from having to bear the burden of leasing an entirely suburban-based hub, rather allowing employees to drop into a cost-efficient suburban-based coworking space. With NY24, you can now create smaller satellite offices that are closer to where your employees live, they’ll thank you later. Don’t need the mail and phone service for remote employees? Our flex office product accomplishes the same goal.

What Steps Are Being Taken to Maintain a Clean and Healthy Office Space?

Imperative in today’s ever-changing work environment, Carr Workplaces is ensuring and protecting the safety of our clients at each of our centers. Various safety and social distancing signage have been put into place to remind our clients how we can best keep each other safe. From installing splash guards at our reception area, to providing touch-free alternatives at high volume touchpoints, we have enacted center-wide safety protocols to create a healthy workspace for our clients to safely continue their innovative, groundbreaking work. For more information, navigate to our updated Health & Safety Policy.

Mask-bearing woman sitting in a Carr Workplaces conference room rental
"Please Limit the Number of People in Conference & Meeting Rooms" sign at Carr Workplaces
"How to Practice Social Distancing" guide at Carr Workplaces
Administrative area at Carr Workplaces Fort Lauderdale
"Please Wear a Mask" sign at Carr Workplaces Fort Lauderdale
Young gentlemen working in a small Carr Workplaces meeting room
Sign noting parchment paper readily available to Carr Workplaces members