Team Rooms

A move-in ready, collaborative workspace that features a large, open space, lockable doors, and 24/7 access.

Team Rooms

Move-in ready, private team rooms within an open collaboration space featuring lockable doors and 24/7 access. You can also expect:

  • A large, open collaborative space to reduce density and increase the amount of space between each team member
  • Use of a prestigious business address with mail and package receipt
  • All-inclusive services included within monthly price
  • Access to fully-stocked community café with gourmet coffee and healthy snacks – café also features soft seating and cable TV
  • Support from our professional onsite team that provide any needed administrative services
  • Access to state-of-the-art meeting rooms and private day offices nationwide

Why Should You Take a Team Room With Carr Workplaces? 

For smaller to medium sized teams, our ergonomic team rooms are the ideal new home of your growing and expanding business. Functioning mainly as a large, open collaborative space, a Carr Workplaces team room is perfect for those looking to reduce the density amongst team members within a shared workspace. Team rooms are also a versatile alternative to larger multi-office suites or conventional suites, where team members will not only have more square feet per person, but the price per square foot is lower within a team room. When you take a team room with Carr Workplaces, you also receive access to the benefits that come from a coworking environment. From access to our fully stocked community café, to support from our professional onsite team, to even boasting one of our prestigious, nationwide business addresses, we’re here to help however we can. 

What Steps Are Being Taken Within Our Team Rooms to Maintain a Clean and Safe Office Space? 

Imperative in today’s ever-changing work environment, Carr Workplaces is ensuring and protecting the safety of our clients in their workspace. Within our spacious team rooms, clients can easily move furniture to keep a six-foot distance, can install clear dividers or partitions between desks, and can request additional janitorial services of their team room. From a center-specific standpoint, various safety and social distancing signage have been put into place to remind our clients how we can best keep each other safe. From installing splash guards at our reception area, to providing touch-free alternatives at high volume touchpoints, we have enacted center-wide safety protocols to create a healthy workspace for our clients to safely continue their innovative, groundbreaking work. For more information, navigate to our updated Health & Safety Policy. 

Mask-bearing woman sitting in a Carr Workplaces conference room rental
"Please Limit the Number of People in Conference & Meeting Rooms" sign at Carr Workplaces
"How to Practice Social Distancing" guide at Carr Workplaces
Administrative area at Carr Workplaces Fort Lauderdale
"Please Wear a Mask" sign at Carr Workplaces Fort Lauderdale
Young gentlemen working in a small Carr Workplaces meeting room
Sign noting parchment paper readily available to Carr Workplaces members
How Will My Traditional Office Needs Be Supported? 

To be straightforward, we don’t miss a beat when it comes to ensuring that all your traditional office needs are met. Team room users receive additional access to our business centers where you’ll find printing, scanning, and faxing services. For those mailing and receiving packages, enjoy discounted FedEx rates, postage available on-site, and packaging supplies also available in our business centers. You’ll also have direct access to our smiling administrative team, that can help to ease the burden of your work day as you deem fit.

What Kind of Technology Support Will I Receive?

For those who may not fancy themselves as tech-savvy – or if you just want that assurance – team rooms come with access to our remote and on-site IT support team.

For your internet and network needs, working from a team room gives you access to a dedicated wireless internet connection to make sure that any business operations run smoothly.

My Business Centers Around Collaboration, How Can This Remain Constant While Working from a Team Room?

Along with collaborating within your team room, each of our nationwide locations are home to multiple state-of-the-art meeting and conference roomsTeam room users will have access to nearly 150 meeting rooms and event spaces at any Carr Workplaces location across the country.

Take advantage of our updated WorkReady PLUS app, where team room users can book a meeting or conference room from the palm of one’s hand, access meeting and conference room support, and coordinate around other reservations.

From a collaboration standpoint, WorkReady PLUS allows users to virtually connect with other members within the app itself which can lead to fruitful networking among other Carr Workplaces clients down the road.

Does Working from a Team Room Have Any Additional Benefits?

Additionally, WorkReady PLUS allows users to submit requests, communicate with the Carr Workplaces team, make/cancel meeting reservations, view/pay invoices, and receive any community updates.

WorkReady PLUS users receive discounts at national businesses such as ZipcarDoorDashPetPlanTriNetKimpton Hotels & Restaurants, and GoToMeeting.