10 Reasons To Upgrade to Dedicated Desks or Private Offices

According to a recent survey conducted and published by the Harvard Business Review, 95% of people believe face-to-face meetings are key to successful long-term professional relationships.

With the recent pandemic in the rearview mirror, many are transitioning from working from home back to in-person work precisely because of the numerous benefits and advantages provided. That includes many Carr Workplaces clients who are upgrading from Virtual Offices to Dedicated Desks or Private Offices.

Carr Workplaces’ Virtual Offices provide fully remote businesses and professionals with a prestigious virtual business address, virtual administrative and IT support, and mail and delivery management.

At present, many of our Virtual Office clients are upgrading to Dedicated Desks, which provide a dedicated physical workspace in a shared coworking space with a prestigious business address.

Other Carr Workplaces clients are upgrading from Virtual Offices to fully furnished private offices, which include four walls and a locked door, because they require dedicated, physical office space for confidential and/or focused work.

Carr Workplaces clients are seeking out these alternatives to working 100% remotely in order to be in close physical proximity to their clients, reduce distractions, and increase networking opportunities.

When compared with remote work, hybrid work arrangements and working in a physical office space also can both foster better work-life balance and play a crucial role in business growth.

Check out these 10 reasons our Virtual Office clients upgrade to Dedicated Desks or private offices.

  1. Expansion of Services

Many Carr Workplaces Virtual Office clients upgrade to Dedicated Desks or private offices because they’ve expanded their services. Here’s why:

With the expansion of services often comes the need for physical office space options that are easily accessible by clients and employees. Carr Workplaces’ private offices and Dedicated Desks are situated in easy-to-access, centralized locations with parking available on-site and in close proximity to public transit.

  1. Business Growth

Business expansion also spurs many of our Virtual Office clients to transition to Dedicated Desks or private offices. As your team expands, it can become more difficult to stay connected with team members who are fully remote.

Transitioning team members to Dedicated Desks or private offices increases face-to-face time, which is often necessary as your business grows.

  1. Fewer Day-to-Day Distractions, Space for Focused Work

Working remotely on a full-time basis certainly has its advantages but it also comes with disadvantages. Chief among these are the distractions you and your team members face when working from home.

Interruptions from pets, spouses, and kids are frequent when working remotely and can negatively impact productivity. Access to a Dedicated Desk or private office can provide the peace and quiet you and your team need for focused work.

  1. Virtual Office Clients Upgrade to Dedicated Desks or Private Offices for Better Work-Life Balance

Another recent study published in the Harvard Business Review revealed that nearly 70% of employees prefer working from a coworking space over working from home.

Unlike working 100% remotely, working in a physical office space — whether it’s from a Dedicated Desk or in a private office — facilitates a better work-life balance. When you leave your physical office space, it’s easier to separate yourself from work responsibilities.

When you work exclusively from home, it’s much more difficult to separate work and home life because you’re doing both from the same space.

  1. Private Office Space for Confidential Client Meetings

If you’re an attorney, wealth manager, or work in a field that requires confidentiality or discretion, private office space offers a multitude of positives when compared with remote work.

Private offices at all Carr Workplaces locations feature lockable doors and four walls. When you lease one of our private offices, you’ll have the private space required for confidential client meetings.

  1. Professional Meeting Space for Client Meetings

Another reason a Carr Workplaces Virtual Office client might upgrade to a Dedicated Desk or private office is for access to our awarding-winning professional meeting space for client meetings.

Each of our nationwide coworking centers includes all-inclusive meeting and conference rooms that can be booked on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis.

Rather than meeting clients at a coffee shop or restaurant, consider booking one of our professional, modern meeting and conference rooms, three of which recently were recognized by Peerspace with 2023 Open Door Awards.

  1. Business Networking Opportunities

 Many of our Virtual Office clients also upgrade to Dedicated Desks or private offices due to the numerous networking opportunities afforded them at our coworking centers.

All Carr Workplaces locations host weekly and monthly networking events that can become a valuable pipeline for new clients and referrals. The convenience of on-site networking events means you can expand your professional network without leaving the building.

Informal networking opportunities at our coworking centers abound as well, whether it’s an informal chat in our community cafés over coffee or tea or a conversation at lunch with a fellow professional working from the same location.

  1. Desire To Implement a Schedule

Many of our clients transition to private offices or Dedicated Desks because they want to implement a schedule with their employees.

Creating a work schedule in which team members are in the same physical space at the same time often correlates with increased productivity, better communication, and additional collaboration opportunities that can’t necessarily be achieved when your team is fully remote.

  1. Dedicated Desks: A Flexible, Budget-Friendly Option

Carr Workplaces clients whose businesses are experiencing growth but who still want to spend conservatively often choose to transition from Virtual Offices to Dedicated Desks.

Dedicated Desks provide you and your team with shared face-to-face time in the same physical space without the need for committing to full-time office space. You can lease multiple Dedicated Desks for your team as your company grows, adding additional desks as your team expands.

  1. On-Site Amenities and Support

A final reason why Carr Workplaces Virtual Office clients upgrade to Dedicated Desks or private offices is for the on-site amenities and support provided. All of our locations feature access to on-site fitness centers and parking, as well as free gourmet tea and coffee in our community cafés.

As a Dedicated Desk or private office client, you’ll also enjoy access to our on-site community management team. Our community management team can greet your guests and walk them to your office(s), manage deliveries and mail on behalf of your business, and print and scan documents. Support from our community management team is included at no additional cost.

To learn more about Carr Workplaces Dedicated Desks and private offices, schedule a free tour of one of our coworking centers or give us a call at (866) 983-5814.

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