Center Spotlight: Carr Workplaces White House in Washington, DC

In our Center Spotlight blog series, we’re introducing you to each of our Carr Workplaces locations. While all of our coworking centers include rich on-site amenities, fully furnished flexible workspaces to meet your every need, and impressive meeting and conference rooms, each location has its own unique personality and notable offerings.

This newest blog in the series features Carr Workplaces’ White House, which is located at 1701 Pennsylvania Avenue NW in downtown Washington, D.C.

If you lead a legal team and need to relocate your office or you are a small business owner in search of an impressive headquarters for your company, you’ll appreciate the multitude of benefits offered by our White House coworking center.

Situated just across the street from the New Executive Office Building, this Carr Workplaces location can provide your company with one of the most prestigious business addresses in our portfolio, and with one of the most famous street addresses in our nation’s capital.

At this center, our recently renovated, fully-furnished private offices feature views of Pennsylvania Avenue and downtown Washington, D.C.

“We invite business professionals to come check out our offices and take a free tour of our White House location,” said John Bermingham, the on-site general manager.

“You can get an insider’s view of what it might feel like to sit in an office on a day-to-day basis, across the street from the Secret Service or the Vice President,” he added.

Also available at our White House location are fully-equipped, elegant meeting and conference rooms that are perfect for depositions, interviews, and other types of important meetings.

In 2024, a brand-new conference center will open in the building, providing additional spaces for larger meetings and events as well.

Discover all that our White House location has to offer!

Carr Workplaces White House Center: Modern, Private Offices Popular With Consultants, Attorneys, Wealth Managers, Government Contractors, Financial Institutions, Insurance Firms, Embassies, and More

The private offices at Carr Workplaces White House center are especially popular with legal professionals, consulting firms, financial firms, and other types of small businesses and organizations. It’s easy to see why.

Privates offices at our White House center provide you with your own four solid walls, a locked door, and the dedicated quiet space you need for confidential meetings with clients as well as for your own focused work.

“In addition to solo law practitioners, law firms, and financial firms, we also count a bank, a major international insurance firm, and the embassy of Palau and the embassy of Dominica among our clients  here,” John Bermingham said.

“The private offices and all of our spaces are freshly renovated and modern, decorated with cherry wood accents and warm colors, which our clients tell us they appreciate,” he added.”

Private offices at Carr Workplaces’ White House may be rented by the hour, day, week, month, or longer periods of time for ultimate flexibility. All private offices come fully furnished and may be configured according to your needs.

Upscale, On-Site Meeting and Conference Rooms

In addition to private offices, Dedicated and Touchdown Desks, and various virtual office offerings, Carr Workplaces’ White House includes upscale meeting and conference rooms that may be booked by current clients at our coworking center or by any area business professional or organization.

As is the case with all Carr Workplaces leases and bookings, meeting and conference rooms at our White House location may be booked by the hour, day, week, or longer. The three fully-furnished meeting and conference rooms at our White House location can accommodate up to 10 guests and include high speed WiFi, privacy blinds, conference phones, and whiteboards.

It’s worth mentioning that the Washington, D.C. Bar Association recently hosted one of its meetings at our White House center.

In fact, Carr Workplaces is a partner of the Washington, D.C. Bar Association and many D.C. legal pros work from Carr Workplaces’ Washington, D.C. coworking centers.

Attorneys especially appreciate our D.C. area centers’ private offices, phone answering services, and variety of meeting and conference rooms that are ideal for depositions, mediations, and other activities.

Additionally, meeting and conference rooms at our White House location frequently are used for executive training sessions, client meetings, group conference calls, and more.

One of the location’s most popular meeting rooms, the Leedy Meeting Room, overlooks Pennsylvania Avenue.

This meeting space radiates warmth, brightened by natural sunlight and featuring live plants and modern, light-colored furnishings. It also features a newly upgraded videoconferencing unit, perfect for any remote collaboration needs.

Become a WorkReady+ member and you’ll enjoy discounted rates on meeting and conference rooms at all of Carr Workplaces nationwide locations. Also included with your WorkReady+ membership, access to member rates on workspaces and hand-selected discounts for work and life outside of work.

Stellar On-Site Support and Services Delivered With Warmth and a Smile

According to John Bermingham, clients at our White House center especially appreciate the support and services provided by our on-site community management team.

When you lease private offices, virtual offices, and meeting and conference rooms at Carr Workplaces’ White House, administrative support from our on-site team is  available for the low, flexible cost of just a dollar per minute.

“Most of the positive feedback we receive centers on how our community management team makes our clients’ lives easier,” John shared.

“Whether it’s fielding phone calls on behalf of their companies, notifying them that a check or important piece of mail has arrived, or helping them with a big project, our clients notice and appreciate what our team does in such a way that’s very warm, hands-on, and delivered with a smile,” he added.”

John cites a current client who is working on a project of making copies of older exhibits for court filings. The community management team at Carr Workplaces White House center is assisting with the project by going through boxes of exhibits, making copies of the exhibits, and refiling them.

Another client who rents one of the meeting and conference rooms at our White House location for week-long executive training courses also enjoys support from our community management team. [I would merge this with the one below]They handle catering and beverage services for the event, setting up the rooms  and A/V equipment, and helping teachers get settled in and prepared for the trainings – all of which are greatly appreciated by the business owner. 

New Conference Center Coming in 2024

“Event spaces are coming to our building soon, as well,” Bermingham noted. “A significant portion of the third floor of our building is being converted into a conference center. The new conference center will have a much higher capacity for larger meetings and events. There is an attached kitchen, as well. The company that manages the building held their holiday party there in December to showcase the space and it was amazing.”

Once the conference center is open, clients at Carr Workplaces White House location will be able to access and book the new conference center event space through the on-site team.

To schedule a free tour of Carr Workplaces White House location, visit or call GM John Bermingham at (202) 580-6504

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