Choose from any of our Carr Workplaces centers across the nation’s capital, for your next big meeting in DC. While each Carr Workplaces location is unique, it’s hard not to start with our center at The Willard, which is just steps from The White House and the National Mall. Just a few blocks north, west and east of The Willard is DC’s lobbying corridor which is dotted with our K Street, City Center and Pennsylvania Avenue centers – prestigious areas, with an array of amenities – many of which we highlighted in our DC Concierge Guide – that all carry similar weight in terms of location. Just north is our Dupont center, which is right in the thick of DC’s robust business engine. Then, just a stone’s throw from our Nation’s Capital is our Capitol Hill center. Finally, there’s our Georgetown center which sits in the heart of one of America’s most charming and famed neighborhoods. Whether you’re looking to take the next big step in your business journey or if you’re looking for a prestigious location to host and impress clients, choose one of our DC locations as the home of your new private office.

Flex Office – Starting at $50 a day, or $700 a month

Facing work from home burnout? Need a distraction-free workspace? Our Flex Offices include:

Full-Time Private Offices - Starting at $750* a month

With all traditional business services (phone, internet, copies, prints, faxes, and scans) included, our superlative, dedicated, and fully furnished office spaces come with:

*prices vary by market and size of space, contact us here to get specific pricing.

Part-Time Private Offices - Starting at $243 a month

Are you looking for a private office but need something with more flexible terms to match your unpredictable schedule? Our part-time private offices provide you with:

*We are now offering virtual tours at all of our locations. Click here to book a virtual tour today.

Private Day Office Rentals - Starting at $35 an hour

Reserve a fully furnished, private office at any Carr Workplaces location. Available during business hours.

Rent a Private Office at Any of Our Washington, DC Locations

View of the US Capitol

Capitol Hill

300 New Jersey Avenue, NW
Suite 900
Washington, D.C. 20001
(202) 469-3400

Carr Workplaces location near Chinatown in DC

City Center

1325 G Street, NW
Suite 500
Washington, D.C. 20005
(202) 845-7543

Food truck area near Dupont Circle


1101 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Suite 450
Washington, D.C. 20036
(202) 753-5000

Gorgeous Georgetown streets near our virtual office location


1050 30th Street, NW
The Foundry
Washington, D.C. 20007
(202) 465-8100

Aerial view of K Street, Washington DC

K Street

1717 K Street, NW
Suite 900
Washington, D.C. 20006
(202) 787-5850

Skyscrapers on Pennsylvania Avenue

Pennsylvania Avenue

1701 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Suite 200
Washington, D.C. 20006
(202) 580-6500

Steps leading up to the Willard office location

The Willard

1455 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Suite 400
Washington, D.C. 20004
(202) 652-2300

Why Should You Rent an Office at One of Our Washington, DC Locations?

Expect years of experience and concierge level service when you rent an office at one of our Washington, DC locations or at any of our prestigious nationwide locations across the United States. Our private office spaces, in gorgeous Class A Buildings, are strategically designed to evoke productivity – regardless of your work style. Do you find yourself motivated by working amongst other hard-working professionals? You’ll find this atmosphere at each of our nationwide locations where businesses and working professionals are constantly creating and innovating. On the contrary, are you looking for something more private – that differs from a shared space environment – to remain focused? For members who desire this – such as lawyers or self-employed professionals – we offer bookable private office and executive suites.

What Steps Are Being Taken to Maintain a Clean and Healthy Office Space? 

Imperative in today’s ever-changing work environment, Carr Workplaces is ensuring and protecting the safety of our clients at each of our centers. Various safety and social distancing signage have been put into place to remind our clients how we can best keep each other safe. From installing splash guards at our reception area, to providing touch-free alternatives at high volume touchpoints, we have enacted center-wide safety protocols to create a healthy workspace for our clients to safely continue their innovative, groundbreaking work. For more information, navigate to our updated Health & Safety Policy.

Mask-bearing woman sitting in a Carr Workplaces conference room rental
"Please Limit the Number of People in Conference & Meeting Rooms" sign at Carr Workplaces
"How to Practice Social Distancing" guide at Carr Workplaces
Administrative area at Carr Workplaces Fort Lauderdale
"Please Wear a Mask" sign at Carr Workplaces Fort Lauderdale
Young gentlemen working in a small Carr Workplaces meeting room
Sign noting parchment paper readily available to Carr Workplaces members

Can I Book an Office Space for My Entire Team?

Absolutely. For growing and expanding companies with multiple team members, Carr Workplaces offers a variety of office spaces for teams to choose from. Whether it’s an open, spacious team room, a larger multi-office suite, or a traditional, conventional office suite, we offer a variety of space types for the new home of your business.

Can I Rent an Office by the Day or by the Hour?

Once again, of course. As we pride ourselves on our flexibility within our offerings, we offer private day office rentals if you’re looking for a quiet, clean, and distraction-free workspace during normal business hours. Starting at $35 an hour, each private day office is fully furnished and includes unlimited local and long-distance calls, access to our community cafés, and access to our business centers for any copying, printing, faxing, or scanning needs.

How Does a Temporary Office Plan Work?

For those looking for a more temporary office space in Washington, DC our part-time private offices will fit your exact needs. Complete with flexible terms, our part-time private offices provide office hours bookable in one-hour increments. Choose from either 16 or 40 hours per month which can be customized by the hour to allow for easy business scaling and customization of the plan. Part-time private office users also receive client and guest WIFI access with a fully managed and supported firewall, a prestigious business address, and dedicated phone reception service which includes a business telephone number and professional call answering.

Do I Receive Access to Other Carr Workplaces Office Locations?

Ideal for the frequent business traveler, all full-time private office users receive additional access to spacious, fully equipped meeting rooms at any Carr Workplaces location nationwide as well as member rates on all Carr Workplaces products and services.

What Other Amenities Are Included at Carr Workplaces?

As you walk through the doors of a Carr Workplaces location near you, you’ll understand the prestige that comes from working with us. Each nationwide location is designed to evoke a sense of community stemming from productive, ergonomic workspaces, vibrantly designed community cafés, and state of the art private offices – each outfitted with glossy wood finishes. Within our community cafés, members can help themselves to complementary Starbucks coffee and to a selection of socially distanced soft seating. Also within each Carr Workplaces center are our business centers, which meet any traditional office needs such as printing, scanning, shredding, and more. And finally, as one of the most noteworthy serviced office spaces nationwide, our professional administrative team and IT support staff are trained to act as an extension of your team and to help you get your best work done, every step of the way.

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