Class A Buildings — They’re a Class Apart     

If you’re looking for office space the search can be daunting. Today, office building types seem to be more varied than ever and that’s even before you step inside to learn about their amenities or lack thereof. For those not in the know, office buildings actually have their own classification system, which proves to be a handy tool for sorting through a seemingly massive selection. Here we’re going to be looking at the very best in office buildings available, Class A, and make a case for why this category should be your first and last foray when seeking a home for your business.  

Typically, Class A buildings are the newest, and are often the modern glass and steel high rises that populate business districts or can be found in the most desirable neighborhoods, with easy access to public transportation or major highways. Of course, because Class A buildings are almost always in high demand areas, the rent per square foot is often priced higher. It’s not surprising, then, to have major corporations as tenants for Class A buildings, often with a logo across the top of the building as being in a Class A building is a point of pride and a sign of success for many companies. This isn’t to say though that there isn’t room for small businesses or even individuals in Class A buildings. Private offices and even part-time offices within coworking centers can be an excellent way to gain an office with a prestigious address and an array of amenities.   

Speaking of amenities, Class A buildings usually come with a plethora of them which provide a high degree of comfort and security for both you and your staff as well as for any visitors you might have. Among the most common Class A amenities are:  

  • On-site building management and security 
  • 24-7 attended lobbies 
  • State-of-the-art HVAC systems 
  • Best-in-class WIFI and back-up routers 
  • Covered parking 
  • Fitness center and café  

Perhaps what best defines Class A buildings, though, is their aesthetic beauty, which hits you before you’ve even stepped inside. Given the considerable expense that developers undertake it’s no surprise that they employ the best architecture and interior design firms to build something that is both visually pleasing and conducive to greater productivity. Simply, Class A buildings are made to dazzle both tenants and visitors alike.  

All of Carr Workplaces’ 28 locations are located in Class A buildings. If you’d like to experience what it’s like to have the best in office space as well as unparalleled service, contact us to receive a complimentary week at one of our centers 

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