for Financial Services

Nothing goes better together than a financial advisor or an accountant and their very own prestigious, private office in the heart of a major U.S. city.

At Carr Workplaces, we strive to make this a reality – to put the productive professional into an executive office suite at one of our nationwide locations. You’ll have plenty of space to organize your files, to host and conduct meetings, and the freedom to manage your private office space as you please. You’ll impress your clients and anyone who visits you with your stunning view of Midtown Manhattan, your proximity to the ocean, or even that you’re steps from some of our country’s most iconic monuments. As we strive to become an extension of your team, Carr Workplaces offers a wide range of administrative services and IT services to help support you.

Perfect for Those in Financial Services

  • Work From a Full-Time Private Office

    Wow your clients with your very own spacious private office

  • Work From a
    Dedicated Desk

    Your own productive workspace in a vibrant shared space

  • Virtual Business Address

    Receive an instant credibility and image enhancement boost

A Closer Look

Nicely decorated private office with view of 5th Ave

Why a Full-Time Private Office?

Oozing with prestige, class, and professionalism, a Carr Workplaces full-time private office is the ideal way to make a lasting first impression on any client that walks through your door. With our locations in some of the nation’s most prestigious cities, your clients will feel an enhanced sense of trust and comfort as you handle business. With a plethora of included services, amenities, and the option to pick from our healthy office bundles, a full-time private office is a safe, ideal career move for productive professionals of all financial backgrounds.

Why a Dedicated Desk?

If you’re looking to work within a productive atmosphere among other business professionals, a dedicated desk at a Carr Workplaces location near you is a great way to become a part of a collaborative, connected network. As the work environment changes, we’ve implemented various social distancing signage and precautions throughout our shared spaces to protect the health of our clients. Designed to be an ergonomic workspace, you’ll increase your work output ten-fold on your first day. Perfect for on-the-go financial service professionals, dedicated desks come with flexible terms and a variety of services to support you and your profession.

Steps leading up to the Willard office location

Why a Virtual Business Address?

Whether you’re looking to add a business presence within a new market or if you’re working remotely and want to improve your business’s credibility, look no further than a virtual business address with Carr Workplaces. With nationwide locations – such as DC, Boston, Chicago, and Los Angeles – the opportunities for your business are endless, the choice just comes down to you. As the times change and how we work continues to change, a virtual business address can give you that added edge against your competitors.