Book space for your next info session, seminar, workshop, board meeting, networking event, or banquet dinner

Choose Carr Workplaces Convergence, at Purdue University – a nexus for ideas across science, education and business – for your next corporate event. Located in the aptly named Convergence Center for Innovation and Collaboration on the west side of the Purdue University Campus, our Convergence center offers over 20,000 square feet of private offices, drop-in workspace and meeting rooms in a brand-new building that opened its doors in January of 2020. Better still, the Convergence Center sits within Purdue’s Discovery Park District, a $1 Billion-plus development that brings together commerce and community. The district, only an hour away from Indianapolis, even has its own public airport with a 7,000-foot runway for accessible airfare to and from your virtual office, as well as the major city nearby.  Whether you’re looking to host anything from a training session, a conference, or even a business seminar, look no further than our Convergence center as your Indiana event space destination.  

Professional Event Spaces

Serviced meeting and conference space perfect to impress business prospects or networking connections. Available at all locations.

Our professional meeting spaces range to accommodate groups of 30-100 guests.

Convergence – Conference Center

Large corporate event venue at Purdue University

Unique Event Spaces

From cozy and casual, to beautiful with breathtaking views, there’s something for every occasion. Available at select locations, see a preview below.

Our unique event spaces are ideal for 200 guests or fewer.

Convergence – Atrium and Patio

Why Should You Book Your Private Event at Our Purdue University Location?

If you’re actively seeking a prestigious, high-end location to host your next event then look no further than our event spaces at Carr Workplaces Convergence – our Purdue University location. Our renowned team of hospitality professionals are always prepared to greet your guests with a smile, to square away any of your technological needs, and to make sure that your event runs according to plan – from start to finish. If you’re ready to take your event to the next level, book now at Carr Workplaces Convergence.  

How Much Does It Cost to Book One of Our Corporate Event Venues at Purdue University?

To make sure everything is perfect, contact us directly for specific pricing.  

What Is Included When You Book an Event at Our Purdue University Location?

When you book an event at Carr Workplaces Convergence, you don’t just receive access to the space itself. Our on-site administrative support team is readily available to make your event truly special. With the ability to add full-service catering, A/V equipment rental, presentation support, or audio, web and video conferencing to your event, we’ll make sure that everything runs smoothly.  

How Many People Can a Small Event Space or Private Event Space Accommodate?

Our professional event spaces accommodate groups between 30 and 100 guests – ideal for smaller, medium, or larger events of any kind. On the other hand, our unique event spaces accommodate groups of 200 or fewer – ideal for those looking to host a more specialized, high-end events.  

Can I Use the Purdue University Corporate Event Space for Recruitment Events, Training Sessions, Conferences, or Seminars?

Of course. In no way are our event spaces limited to hosting special events. From doing something as simple as holding a single-day conference, a catered seminar, or a weekly training event, our small event spaces or private event spaces can accommodate your desires. If you’re looking to host a smaller conference, check out our meeting and conference rooms, which can be booked on-demand at a Carr Workplaces near you.

What Other Services Does Carr Workplaces Offer?

Outside of helping you host the perfect corporate event, Carr Workplaces has plenty of other services to offer as a leader in the coworking industry. At our Purdue location and at all of our nationwide locations, we offer top-of-the-line coworking plans, full-time and temporary private officesconference rooms, and virtual office plans.

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