How to Make the Most Of Your Shared Workspace

By David Kinnaird, Managing Director, essensys, the leading provider of flexible workspace technology

Working from a shared workspace lends endless opportunities to its members to meet new people, get new ideas and to better position their business to grow. Thanks to over sixteen years of working closely with operators and delivering workspace technology to their customers, we’ve gained insight into what truly makes people successful within the workspace community. Here are some top-tips:

  1. Tap Your Community

Consider the advantages you get from working in a shared workspace compared to working in a standard commercial real estate leased office with the same colleagues, doing the same tasks each and every day. For starters, you’re surrounded by an eclectic group of professionals, from designers and marketers to accountants and engineers with knowledge of a wide range of industries. Regardless of your trade, you have the everyday benefit of liaising and speaking with different people who challenge you to think outside of the box and help you to see your own work and business objectives from a unique perspective.

From the freelance graphic designer sitting next to your coworking desk to the three-person international tax consultant firm in the office down the hall, the physical community is an extension of your own company and you should treat it as such. Start conversations with people you pass in the halls, talk about your business, learn about theirs and make an effort to find commonalities. Your socializing could result in a new deal, a future employee, or a discounted service that you may be seeking.

Consult with your Community Manager about any online or digital platforms offered by the workspace operator that offer access to the other workspace members. Any opportunity to deepen connections with your neighbors and to increase networking capabilities will double the value of your office space. Many operators offer a digital community platform through which members can search businesses, skills and interests they are seeking for their own companies.

  1. Adjust Services to Meet Your Needs

In today’s flexible workspace market, services go beyond an office or the desk where you put your head to the grindstone every day. Your workspace operator understands the value of delivering a positive member experience and making the workspace a welcoming and productive environment for all. This includes everything from telephony to self-service access to manage your services consumption.

Make sure you’re in the know on all services offered at your center. For example, Carr Workplaces, extends phone services, but they also offer customized phone features such as Call Recording, which benefits legal and compliant-related businesses, call-conferencing, and soft-phone capabilities fit for coworking or Virtual members who mat not require a physical handset but still benefit from a software-based telephony via their mobile device.

Understanding the technology capabilities provided by your operator can lend added-value to your own business and give you more control over your experience in the workspace. For example, rather than relying on the center manager, via the management platform members have the ability to increase or decrease Internet bandwidth, access billing information, and manage phone settings.

  1. Stay in The Loop with Your Community Managers

In our sixteen years of experience working with Center and Community Managers, we can vouch for their desire to bring members together and reach them without being invasive or disruptive in their day to day routines. Keeping yourself up to date on the news and events going on in your shared workspace will get you out of your bubble and help you feel like a part of the community.

Advanced technologies and software platforms are now allowing operators to connect with their members beyond the physical space and into the digital realm. It’s not as scary or difficult as it may sound. The community platform, offered by Carr Workplaces and powered by essensys, enables operators to communicate with their customers via the platform, share news and ideas, join groups and explore the wider Carr network. A benefit of the digital community is that it is not limited to the four walls of your physical workspace. It enables members to connect with other Carr Workplaces members whether down the hall or in another city or state.

The networking capabilities are endless. So make sure to use all means possible to be informed about upcoming professional, educational, and social events hosted by your community manager and especially new technology capabilities that give members the power to expand their network.

Working from a shared workspace like Carr is much more than a great place to conduct your business. It is a forum for new ideas, a place to make new business partners and friends, and to leverage new technologies to broaden your own personal and professional horizons. Don’t miss out.

By David Kinnaird, Managing Director, essensys

essensys is the leading provider of flexible workspace technology. Serving over 1,100 locations across 28 countries, the essensys platform is a simple, easy to use software that helps operators manage their shared workspaces and deliver services to their customers. essensys is the global leader in delivering an end-to-end experience specifically designed for workspace operators and their members.

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