Seven Reasons Why Small Businesses and Startups Love Carr Workplaces

Although big businesses and corporations often are seen as the primary leaders of the U.S. business market, the lion’s share of job creation and economic growth is actually generated by small businesses, including startups.

In fact, 99.9 percent of U.S. businesses are small businesses and nearly half of all American employees work for small companies.

The needs of small businesses and startups make traditional office space rentals less than ideal. Instead of choosing traditional office space, many smaller operations opt to use flexible workplaces such as those offered by Carr Workplaces.

Utilizing shared office space – rather than traditional office space – can keep overhead as low as possible and allow for the flexibility of monthly or even daily rental of private offices, team spaces, and virtual offices.

Check out these seven reasons small businesses and startups love Carr Workplaces.

  1. Flexible Workspaces for Small Businesses

Carr Workplaces offers monthly and daily workspace rentals of private offices, office suites, virtual offices, coworking space, meeting and conference rooms, and event spaces. Memberships can be scaled up and down as needed without the headache of coordinating a full scale move to a brand-new office space in a new building.

Pricing is all inclusive and there are no hidden fees. With locations all across the United States, you can even change your HQ or add a satellite office if you need to move your company to another area of the country.

  1. Only Pay for What You Need

 When you choose Carr Workplaces as the home of your business, minimal capital is required upfront. Instead, you can invest your time, efforts, and the majority of your capital into activities that will make your business more profitable, sustainable, and competitive.

Our all-inclusive approach means you only pay for what you need when you need it. No bloated long-term lease agreements that are difficult to get out of if you find you need more space one month but need to scale back the following month.

  1. Ideal for Incubation Phases for Startups

Carr Workplaces is the perfect fit for startups and small businesses that might not have launched yet.

While in the early incubation phase of building a startup, you may be focused on building the foundations of your business, which means you likely don’t have a team in place and your office space needs are minimal. At this point in your company’s evolution, an on-demand private office, team space, or even a virtual office may be all you need.

As incubation continues, you may hire employees and need to expand your footprint by adding coworking desks, office suites, meeting and conference rooms, and even access to event spaces. Startups can simply add to their existing Carr Workplaces plan as needed, scaling office space as the startup expands.

  1. Private Areas for Focused Work

A recent survey found that 58% of high-performing employees say they need more private spaces for problem solving. The same survey indicated that 54% of high-performing employees find their current office space to be too distracting.

Private areas for focused work are especially crucial if you’re a startup, as you and your employees likely wear multiple hats within your organization. Workspaces with minimal distractions create an environment that better encourages and fosters creative thinking, innovation, and collaboration among your team.

Across all Carr Workplace locations, you can access private workspaces that provide the distraction-free environment you need to concentrate on tasks without background noise. Our private offices, team spaces, and meeting and conference rooms can be rented for daily or monthly use to provide you with the physical space you need to do work that demands a high level of attention to detail.

  1. Reduce Time To Market

Reducing your time to market – the length of time it takes to develop a product from conception to release – has a multitude of benefits. A shorter time to market is often associated with higher market share, sales, and profits.

A great way to reduce time to market is to offload administrative duties such as phone answering, reception, mail handling, and IT support. At Carr Workplaces, we’ll provide you with the administrative support you require at no additional cost so that you and your team can concentrate on product development.

Operating out of Carr Workplaces means you can get up and running faster, as well, to reduce time to market. Since our workplaces are already equipped with everything you need, you won’t lose time on office move in, purchasing equipment and furniture, office setup, and the other logistics that typically accompany opening a new office.

  1. Scalability

As a small business owner or startup, you need an office space that can grow with your company. Once you’re ready to grow and scale your business, you don’t want to spend additional time searching for, furnishing, and moving into a new workspace.

As a Carr Workplaces member, you can easily expand the footprint of your business as your company grows. This scalability allows you to keep the same business address and create a company culture for your employees that is stable.

  1. Access to a Vibrant Community of Professionals

When you become a Carr Workplaces member, you gain access to a community of like-minded professionals that can become an integral part of your referral network. Need a specific type of consultant for your business? You’re likely to find them already working out of Carr Workplaces.

Access to the talented folks who are also working out of Carr Workplaces means you don’t have to spend a lot of time traveling to outside networking events. Many Carr Workplaces locations include weekly and monthly networking events designed to help you expand your business network and give you the chance to socialize with business leaders across multiple industries. 

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