5 Ways Carr Workplaces Embarcadero Supports Remote Teams and Ongoing Business Growth

If you’re a business owner with a remote team working in the San Francisco Bay area, you’re certainly not alone. According to Census Data analyzed by LLC.org, nearly one third of San Francisco’s workforce currently works remotely, representing one of the largest remote workforces in the United States.

As you likely already know, remote work certainly comes with both advantages and disadvantages.

Among the challenges posed by managing a remote workforce is how to access physical office and meeting space on an as-needed basis without having to sign a long-term traditional office lease – which can often prove to be costly.

Maintaining and developing a robust company culture also can be a major challenge with a remote workforce.

Additional challenges may include providing your team with adequate administrative support when they’re working remotely and setting a professional tone with your clients, despite the fact that your team is remote.

Embarcadero, Lobby Room

If you have a growth mindset for your business, you also may struggle to find physical office space that can be leased on an incremental basis as your business and the size of your team grows.

Kyle Cronin, General Manager of Carr Workplaces Embarcadero in San Francisco, oversees all aspects of the Embarcadero coworking center, including the 200+ businesses who utilize the center’s virtual office offerings with their remote teams.

In a recent conversation, Kyle outlined why Carr Workplaces Embarcadero is so popular with remote teams, particularly with law firms, litigation teams, financial advisors, startups, psychiatrists, non-profit organizations, and other types of small businesses.

He noted how clients appreciate the center’s scalable and flexible workspace offerings, which remain unmatched by traditional office space rentals.

Check out these five ways Carr Workplaces Embarcadero supports remote teams and ongoing business growth.

  1. Virtual Offices: Ideal for Fully Remote Teams

“Many of our clients start with one of our virtual offices, which provides them with a discount when booking workspaces at Carr Workplaces locations and gives them the option of scaling up as their business grows,” Kyle stated.

“Currently, we have over 200 virtual office clients. Some people have a virtual office plan just for the business mailing address, while others use our mail services that includes scanning and forwarding. Still others receive checks in the mail at our location and ask us to deposit checks for their businesses.”

Virtual offices at Carr Workplaces Embarcadero can provide you with a prestigious business mailing address, phone number, flexible office space, and/or access to virtual support provided by the center’s community management team.

Carr Workplaces Embarcadero’s virtual office offerings start at just $99/month and are designed to support fully remote teams.

  1. Flexibility To Scale Up to Private Offices and Dedicated Desks as Your Business Grows

“A lot of newer businesses seek us out because of the scalability factor, especially with startups, AI companies, and psychiatrists who have just started their own businesses,” Kyle shared.
“They’ll start with virtual offices and using their discounts on our meeting and conference rooms when they need in-person, physical office space. They may start with our Virtual Business Address plan and then if those services are good, they might book an office by the hour in addition to their virtual office plan. Then they’ll work from there until they end up leasing private offices or a team office.”

All workspaces at Carr Workplaces Embarcadero may be booked on an incremental basis – for example, by the week, day, or hour. This flexibility to scale up physical workspace as your business grows is invaluable.

Imagine you’re a solopreneur and when you first launch your business, you only require a Virtual Business Address plan because you primarily work from a home office.

As you scale up your operations and hire employees, you transition to a full-time private office for yourself so that you can hold confidential client meetings. You lease several Dedicated Desks in the center’s shared office space for your new hires to facilitate team-building and create camaraderie among the new employees.

Once your company grows yet again, you add additional private offices at Carr Workplaces Embarcadero for your management team and you may even a lease a team suite.

A little further down the road, you decide to explore expanding into a new geographic market so you lease several Dedicated Desks and private offices at a Carr Workplaces coworking center in that region.

At Carr Workplaces Embarcadero, you only pay for exactly the physical workspace you need without committing to long-term leases as you would with a traditional office space rental. This flexibility can be a game-changer, especially for businesses that are growing.

  1. Beautiful, On-Site Meeting and Conference Rooms With Views of San Francisco 

The stunning, on-site meeting and conference rooms available at Carr Workplaces Embarcadero are another reason why this location is extremely popular.

According to Kyle, clients often book the on-site meeting and conference rooms at this location for client and patient meetings, case preparation, document reviews, team meetings, and to work on projects.

Embarcadero View

“We have three meeting and conference rooms available on-site at our location,” Kyle said. “Two of those can accommodate 12 to 14 people, while the third meeting room can accommodate five or six people. five or six people. The Bay Bridge Meeting Room, one of the larger spaces, is by far our busiest meeting room. It offers views of the Ferry Building, the Financial District, the Bay Bridge, and San Francisco Bay. It’s a nice view because we are on the 14th floor.”

Meeting and conference rooms at Carr Workplaces Embarcadero are ideal for those times when you need to bring offsite team members together for a meeting or brainstorming session.

Catering and beverage services may be added to any meeting and conference bookings, as well, for ultimate convenience. 

  1. Stellar Support from Carr Workplaces Embarcadero’s Community Management Team 

Another reason why Carr Workplaces Embarcadero is popular with remote teams and growing businesses is the level of service and support provided by the on-site community management team.

Support from the center’s on-site community management team is included with all workspace leases at Carr Workplaces Embarcadero at no additional cost.

“We get a lot of compliments from our clients about how much we can get done and how thoroughly we do it,” Kyle shared.

“We don’t make many mistakes,” he said. “Our community management team provides phone screening services, mail forwarding, mail scanning, and general support to both our virtual clients and those working from the center.”

Kyle shared that clients at Carr Workplaces Embarcadero often are impressed by how clean and modern on-site workspaces are and on the community management team’s ability to quickly address any issues that arise within 48 hours.

The on-site community management team at Carr Workplaces Embarcadero can meet and greet your guests and walk them to your office, as well as assist you with projects.

Additionally, the team can copy and scan documents, and provide presentation support when you book a meeting and conference room at the center.

  1. On-Site Networking and Non-Profit Showcase Events

Kyle and the rest of the community management team at Carr Workplaces Embarcadero also host on-site networking events on a monthly basis.

For busy professionals like you, this is a huge perk, as you don’t even need to leave the building to attend networking events.

Networking events at Carr Workplaces Embarcadero are designed to help clients working from the center broaden their professional networks and hopefully gain a few new business referrals along the way.

In addition to networking events, the center hosts a non-profit showcase each quarter to highlight the good work local non-profit organizations are doing in the community.

“Last quarter, we brought in the Bay Area Urban Debate League, which provides students from different areas in the Bay area with the opportunity to learn debate skills,” Kyle said. “We had a lot of our clients turn out for that event, which was great. The event also served as a fundraiser for the non-profit.”

To schedule a free tour of Carr Workplaces Embarcadero or learn more about services for remote teams, visit https://carrworkplaces.com/start-embarcadero/ or call (866) 983-5836.

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