Carr Workplaces Electric Works: Unparalleled Event Spaces in Fort Wayne

In case you haven’t heard, Electric Works, located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, is one of the premier destinations to host conferences and events in the city.

Carr Workplaces Electric Works is situated in an historic, 39-acre campus that was originally a General Electric factory.

The campus has since been reimagined and totally renovated into a unique mixed-use district that’s designed to inspire creativity, innovation, and build community.

Electric Works is the go-to venue for those looking for upscale, all-inclusive event spaces — for business or for life outside of work. Electric Works is home to a high-end conference center that our Carr Workplaces Electric Works team manages and oversees to ensure your experience is superb.

In the last year alone, over 200 events have been held at the Electric Works conference center. These events have included everything from professional training seminars, meetings and conferences, holiday parties, and even bridal showers.

Read on to discover why the Electric Works conference center is so popular for conferences and events — and how you can make your next event one to remember by hosting it at the Electric Works campus in Fort Wayne.

Electric Works Conference Center: The History of Fort Wayne Lives Here

“We get a lot of feedback on the aesthetic of Carr Workplaces Electric Works and the conference center, which is adjacent to our coworking center,” said Jordyn Hogan, the General Manager of Carr Workplaces Electric Works. “The building itself is over 100 years old and has been repurposed to include lots of exposed brick and natural light, which people like. They like that the history of Fort Wayne lives here with us.”

Recent events at the conference center include board meetings, professional trainings, week-long conferences, and Christmas parties. A local realtor recently held a 20th anniversary celebration that maxed out the capacity of the building.

A law practice recently chose the Electric Works Conference Center for its annual holiday party and a local chapter of the League of Women Voters held a recent event at the conference center, as well.

“A lot of people want to hold their events here because it makes them feel like they’re part of Fort Wayne’s history,” said Hogan.

Electric Works Conference Center: All-Inclusive Event Space With Lots of Flexibility for Stress-Free Event Planning

Picture this: you’re planning an upscale event and want the planning process to be as pain-free as possible. You visit several venues and find it difficult to determine what the final cost of the event will be at each location.

That’s the experience you might have with other event spaces — but not with the Electric Works conference center.

All event spaces at Electric Works are fully-furnished and can be configured according to the specific needs of your event. You also can add catering and beverage service to your event to make planning as easy as possible.

“People who hold events here really like that there’s a lot of flexibility with different types of event spaces,” said Hogan. “There’s also flexibility with how the event space looks and how the room looks. We try to make the conference center as easy to use as possible, which is likely why our rebooking rate is above 30%.”

Event spaces at Electric Works can be booked by the day or by the hour, as well, to provide ultimate flexibility and ensure you’re only paying for the space you need when you need it.

Carr Workplaces Electric Works: Eight State-of-the-Art, Modern Event Spaces

Electric Works boasts eight different event spaces, each equipped with everything you need for a successful gathering.

Whether you’re a builder’s association, group law practice, financial advisor, hospitality group, or other type of business, you’ll appreciate the variety of event space options at Electric Works.


The Hines event space can accommodate up to 20 guests and includes a large boardroom-style table. This space is ideal for smaller events with a limited number of attendees. 

Crawford North

If you’re looking for a slightly bigger event space, consider the Crawford North event space. Crawford North can accommodate up to 30 guests and includes multiple smaller tables with tiered seating, making it perfect for board meetings and other gatherings.


For an even bigger event space, check out Stadium. The Stadium event space at Electric Works can accommodate up to 50 guests and features stadium-style seating and a massive television screen at the front of the room.


The Paddock event space at Electric Works is another 50-guest event space that features natural light and views of the rest of the Electric Works campus. The Paddock is a great space for virtual business meetings that connect different teams from around the world. As is the case with all Carr Workplaces event spaces, the Paddock can be booked by the hour, day, or even by the week.


The Mezzanine is a slightly bigger event space with room for up to 60 guests. The Mezzanine is located above the Stadium event space and the two spaces can be booked together or separately.

Crawford South

If you’re looking for a larger event space, consider Electric Works’ Crawford South event space. Crawford South is suitable for up to 70 guests, making it suitable for conferences, trainings, and other medium-sized events.

Crawford North+South

For events of up to 100 guests, book Crawford North and South together! Crawford North and South includes tiered seating with tables and multiple television screens. Crawford North and South are often used for trainings, professional association gatherings, and conferences.

The Forum

The largest event space at Carr Workplaces Electric Works is the Forum, which can accommodate up to 350 guests. The Forum serves as the lobby for the entire building and features loads of natural light thanks to the massive windows at the front of the room. Previous events held at the Forum include weddings and annual corporate meetings.

Rooftop Terrace

Dramatic views of Fort Wayne and the entire campus make the rooftop terrace one of the most popular event spaces at Electric Works. Need an event space to impress for your next holiday party, annual meeting, or other event? Consider booking Electric Works’ rooftop terrace to make it a truly memorable occasion with Fort Wayne’s skyline as your backdrop.

If you’re a WorkReady+ member, you can book all of the above event spaces at Carr Workplaces Electric Works via our WorkReady+ app. You’ll also receive a 20% discount on all workspaces and event spaces.

To learn more about Carr Workplaces Electric Works event spaces, schedule a free tour or call the General Manager Jordyn Hogan at (260) 208-3444.

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