COVID-19: Working from Home, the Right Way

Finding the ideal balance between one’s work life and home life is a concept that many cherish accomplishing throughout their professional careers. What happens though, when this achieved balance is abruptly disrupted and both your work and home life become intertwined into one potentially sprawling, stressful and convoluted mess? 

The ramifications of COVID-19 have pushed many to clock in remotely as customary day-to-day functions and routines have all but been temporarily halted. While working from the confines of your own four walls may boast greater comfortability, distractions that aren’t normally present loom left and right. That soft, relaxing couch you plant yourself on after a long day of work is now a meeting room. Your bedroom – that you’ve spent hours designing to be ever-so tranquil – is now your full-time office. And if children are in the picture, forget about it.

Hence, the concept of maximizing productivity while working from home has become a hot topic of conversation. What does it take to then emulate a similar work/home life balance while working at a high capacity and quality? Here are three ways you can start doing just that:

Optimize Your Workspace:
One of the first questions that you may pose upon the beginning of this extended work-from-home period is; where exactly will I work? While the thought of unrivaled coziness and convenience may point you directly to your bed or bedroom, stay away. Take the time to map out an area where you feel a sense of comfort but also an area that may heighten your productivity levels. Also consider where the best place is that might allow you to eliminate glaring distractions. With a space in mind, it’s time to then dial in on the composition of your physical workspace. If you have become accustomed to your setup in the office, ask yourself, how can you replicate this – or parallel this as closely as possible? Setting up a distraction-free, ergonomic workspace, away from the clutches of your bedroom, is the first step to making the most of the current working-from-home dilemma.

Preparation Remains Key:
With a viable solution found in the form of an optimal workspace, it’s time to get down to business. The importance of not falling out of synchronization with your existing work routine cannot be understated. Get to bed on time, wake up at the same time as usual, take a shower, put on fresh clothes, eat a good breakfast – you know the drill. You’ll likely have more time than you usually do in the morning which can be used to better prepare yourself for the day to come. Relax and clear your head, segment or map out your day, maybe even try new things like meditation – the possibilities are endless with the time that is likely replacing a commute to work. Don’t fall into the trap of waking up ten minutes before your presence is required online. Adequate preparation remains key to productive day of work at home.

Utilize Breaks:
Along with more time in the morning, you might find yourself with a bit more downtime as you make your way through the workday. Where you can, use your spare time to take effective breaks, just to break up the day a bit. In a time where the four walls around you can begin to feel suffocating, some fresh air can do wonders. Take a short walk around the block or even just lounge outside for a few minutes to clear your head – mother nature will provide. Another big break in the day will likely be lunch time which can allow for a more prolonged chunk of time in the workday to refuel and take your mind off work for a bit. Hey, check in on the kids, take a power nap, do what you feel will successfully power you through the second half of your day. 

Don’t stop here. Below are three more articles that are chock-full of tips further detailing how to garner successful work results, all from your humble abode. 

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