Carr Workplaces Clarendon: The Top Choice for Upscale Private Offices, Team Space, Coworking Options, and Meeting Space in Arlington, Virginia

Situated directly across the Potomac River and downtown Washington, D.C., Carr Workplaces Clarendon offers your business a multitude of advantages.

Located just five miles from downtown D.C., our Clarendon center is perfect if you want to headquarter your business near – but not directly in – the nation’s capital, for unparalleled access to top-level decision makers, U.S. federal government sectors, and industry leaders.

Working from our Clarendon location puts you near oodles of other businesses who’ve also chosen Arlington as their headquarters. These include Fortune 500 companies, global non-profit organizations, and federal government agencies.

Companies including Amazon, Boeing, and Raytheon Technologies have recently moved their HQs to Arlington to take advantage of its proximity to Washington, D.C. and tech-focused workforce.

As is the case with all of our coworking centers, Carr Workplaces Clarendon is strategically located near anything and everything you and your team might need, from fine dining and upscale hotels to proximity to Reagan National Airport.

Read on to discover all that Northern Virginia and our Clarendon center have to offer you, your team, and your company.

Carr Workplaces Clarendon Offers Flexible, All-Inclusive Office Space Options for Growing Businesses

Carr Workplaces Clarendon is uber popular with tech companies, government contractors, non-profit organizations, consultants, creative agencies, media companies, law firms, and other types of small businesses — and it’s certainly easy to see why.

Our Clarendon location — and all Carr Workplaces centers — offer businesses like yours scalable workspace options that don’t require you to sign long-term rental agreements. All of our work, meeting, and event spaces can be leased by the month, week, day, or even by the hour.

Imagine you lead a tech company that contracts with a government agency and you need to bring together different members of your team to work on a project.

If you were renting a traditional office space, it would be difficult to add project space for  your team on a short-term basis. Thankfully, you work from our Clarendon location and have access to team spaces, meeting and conference rooms, and other types of workspace at your disposal on-site.

As a Carr Workplaces Clarendon client, you can easily book team space or private offices at our Clarendon center that your team can use for the duration of the project. You’ll also need meeting space as part of the project so you book all of the above in a matter of minutes using our WorkReady+ mobile app for a true stress-free experience.

In another scenario, imagine several key members of your team will need to split their time between two locations, one of which is our Clarendon location that you currently work from. You add two coworking Dedicated Desks for these team members, as well as a team space for collaborative work.

As a Carr Workplaces Clarendon client, you can easily scale up private office, team space, and coworking space as needed — and even scale it back down if it’s a temporary need. This level of flexibility and scalability just aren’t possible when you lease traditional office space.

Arlington’s Business-Friendly Community, Low Corporate Income Tax Rate, and Massive Workforce

Over the last several decades, Northern Virginia has become a region known for fostering environments that are favorable to businesses of all sizes and types.

In 2022, Site Selection Magazine named Virginia the top U.S. state for business climate and just this year CNBC ranked Virginia among the number two U.S. state for business. CNBC ranked Virginia in the top 10 specifically for its workforce, infrastructure, business friendliness, and access to capital.

One of the many other draws of doing business in Virginia is its corporate income tax rate, which sits at 6%, lower than the national median corporate tax rate of 6.6%. The state’s corporate income tax rate also hasn’t increased in the last 50 years.

In particular, Arlington offers businesses like yours one of the richest talent pools in the nation. Over half of the folks living in Arlington are considered to be prime working age, between 25 and 54 years of age, and more than one-third of Arlington’s residents are Millennials.

Arlington also is home to the most educated workforce in the United States with a huge pool of tech talent that continues to grow in size. Despite the city’s relatively small size, Arlington boasts the third largest tech talent pool in the United States.

What does all of the above mean for your business? Arlington’s highly educated workforce and business-friendly environment gives your company a critical advantage over your competitors, which is always a positive.

Carr Workplaces Clarendon: Fine Dining and Hospitality at Your Doorstep

Carr Workplaces Clarendon center is centrally located near everything you need as a professional.

Imagine again that you’re the leader of the tech company we mentioned above. The person who heads the government agency that your company supports wants to have dinner with your team and informs you of this at the last minute.

That’s no problem because our Clarendon center is situated nearby several high-end dining options in Arlington. These include Café Colline, Chiko, and SER, all of which were named to the Washingtonian’s 100 Very Best Restaurants in Washington, D.C.

Several four- and five-star hotels are also located nearby Carr Workplaces Clarendon, which means if you need upscale lodging for out of town guests, that won’t be difficult to find either.

To discover what else our Clarendon location has to offer your business, schedule a free tour or call us at (866) 983-5836.

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