Top 4 Reasons Legal Professionals Choose Carr Workplaces

Over the years, Carr Workplaces’ nationwide coworking center network has become particularly popular with attorneys and legal teams.

These centers are uniquely positioned to meet the specific needs of the legal community. Carr Workplaces centers offer legal professionals all-inclusive leases, on-site support, proximity to courts, vibrant legal communities, and much more.

Situated in both central and suburban locations that are easily accessible for clients by car or public transit, each Carr Workplaces center features 24/7 access and building security plus rich on-site amenities.

Carr Workplaces also offers all-inclusive pricing and a variety of types of workspaces (private, shared, virtual, or team offices) that may be accessed on an as-needed basis.

Carr Workplaces coworking centers are strategically located near courts for ultimate convenience, with some centers within walking distance to federal courts.

Additionally, the centers’ on-site community management teams can assist legal professionals with deposition prep, digitization of case files, phone call answering, and much more.

“I could not be happier with my choice to go with Carr Workplaces over some other shared workspace companies that are out there,” said attorney Kevin Lahey of Sponsler, Koren, Hammer, & Lahey, who works from Carr Workplaces Aon Center in Chicago. 

“Not only are the facilities beautiful and the people professional, but they also really took the time to make sure that they’re strategically located in the right spots,” he added.

Check out these top 4 reasons legal professionals choose Carr Workplaces for their businesses — as well as quotes from some of the attorneys who work from these coworking centers!

  • All-inclusive Workspace Leases Without a Long-Term Commitment

The number one reason legal professionals choose Carr Workplaces for their businesses is due to the centers’ flexible, all-inclusive leases.

Unlike a traditional office space rental, you won’t have to make a long-term commitment to a large office space with Carr Workplaces.

All fully furnished workspaces — from private offices and team suites to Dedicated Desks — may be leased on a short-term basis. You have the option to scale your physical office space up (or down) as needed.

Picture this: you’re new to the legal profession and need a prestigious address for your new practice but are operating on a lean budget.

You lease one of Carr Workplaces Virtual Offices to establish an impressive address for your new business. You eventually add additional services and perhaps even upgrade to physical office space as your business grows or your team expands.

Also notable is Carr Workplaces’ all-inclusive pricing. As a client, on-site parking, secure document shredding, fitness centers, networking events, free gourmet coffee and tea, and access to common spaces are included with your workspace lease.

All-inclusive pricing helps you keep your business expenses as low as possible and predictable with no surprise extra charges at the end of each month as you might experience at other coworking centers.



  • Carr Workplaces’ On-Site Community Management Teams

As a client at Carr Workplaces coworking centers, you’ll enjoy support from on-site community management teams included with your lease, as well.

Each center’s on-site community management team can screen and answer incoming phone calls to your firm and assist with deposition prep by copying and creating binders/folders.

Carr Workplaces’ community management team also can assist you with the large-scale digitization of old case files. Team members can scan and send incoming mail to various members of your team daily, too.

“Here at Carr Workplaces, you always get the message that ‘We’re here to do whatever you need to support your practice,’” said Jane McCahill of McCahill Law Office, whose practice is located at Carr Workplaces Aon Center in Chicago.

Additionally, on-site teams can provide on-demand notary services to facilitate quick turnarounds on court filings.

Team members are experienced with managing document reviews as well and can ensure your next document review proceeds as smoothly as possible.

  • Proximity to a Robust Legal Community

When you work from one of Carr Workplaces centers, you’ll work in proximity to other legal professionals and businesses, which is invaluable. 

“The benefit of being on the same floor at Carr Workplaces with other attorneys is that you can refer,” says Katrice Matthews of the Sable Law Group. “There’s nothing wrong with saying, ‘Hey, we can’t take you on but I know someone who would love to’ and they’re just around the corner or on another floor. Having that network and even just the physical closeness [to other attorneys] helps.”

This proximity can broaden your referral network and help you connect with other professionals. True communities form at each coworking center, providing you with opportunities to collaborate and exchange ideas with like-minded professionals, too. 

“One of the things I missed when I started my law firm was just the ability to walk down the hall and just knock on someone’s door and say, ‘Hey, do you have 30 seconds for me to run this idea by you?’ says Drew Amoroso, attorney, and Founder of DueCourse. “That can be such a relief to have someone give their input or validate a plan that you have. That sort of community is an exceptional part of being in a workspace where there are other attorneys.” 

Each Carr Workplaces center also hosts monthly networking events to help you get to know the other professionals working from your center. You might find that contractor you’re looking for or the legal expertise one of your clients requires just by attending one of the networking events at a Carr Workplaces coworking center.

  • Access to On-Demand Meeting and Conference Rooms

Another reason why legal professionals choose Carr Workplaces for their businesses is due to the upscale meeting and conference rooms that also are available at each coworking center.

Carr Workplaces’ meeting and conference rooms are ideal for depositions, mitigations, negotiations, and video calls, as well as meetings with clients and colleagues.

When you need a space for a client meeting at the last minute or require a larger space for a multi-person video call or deposition, simply book one of the on-site meeting and conference rooms available. Carr Workplaces’ high-end meeting and conference rooms can be booked by the hour, day, or longer.

Meeting and conference rooms at each of Carr Workplaces’ centers include presentation and meeting support from the on-site team plus access to video and phone conferencing systems.

Meeting and conference rooms also come equipped with whiteboards, built-in televisions, projection systems, high-speed WiFi, and the option to add catering and beverage services to your booking.

It’s worth noting that Carr Workplaces meeting and conference rooms are designed to impress. 

In fact, three of Carr Workplaces’ meeting and conference rooms — Carr Workplaces Financial District in Boston, Carr Workplaces Georgetown coworking center, and Carr Workplaces Embarcadero in San Francisco — recently were recognized by Peerspace for providing the best meeting spaces in their respective cities in 2023.

To learn more about what Carr Workplaces can offer you and your firm, schedule a free tour of a coworking center near you or call us at (866) 983-5819. 

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