What Is a Serviced Office? A Complete Guide

Picture this: You open a door and step into a room that is bathed in natural light. As you gaze out of a modern, tall glass window, you can see the bustling life of Midtown New York City, an array of palm trees basking in the Floridian sunshine, or a picturesque view of the historic and famed United States Capitol.  

Furnished office space at Carr Workplaces serviced officeNo, you aren’t at a hotel. No, you aren’t in an upscale, downtown apartment building. You’re in your own private, fully serviced office at a prestigious address within the business district of a famed U.S. city. 

As we continue to live through these unprecedented times, the work environment continues to evolve. These changes have provided business professionals with new sets of challenges and obstacles to combat. 

With the coronavirus pandemic moving many of us away from open, shared office spaces, we have begun to find solidarity and comfortability in our own personal, private spaces where we have a firm control over any resulting variables. 

But, while some have found solace in creating their own private workspace in the comfort of their household or apartment unit, others have begun to yearn for the resumption of their daily routine.  

A natural solution to this desire is a serviced office – your very own, fully functional, full-time private office with administrative and technical support, built in. a 

What Is a Serviced Office?

Serviced offices, also known as serviced workspaces, flexible offices, managed offices, or executive suites, are commercial spaces with facility management that are often found in business districts of largeServiced office facility lounge area cities. Serviced office facilities offer more flexible terms than conventional leased offices – which often require furnishing, equipment, and other cumbersome and costly resources. Serviced offices also allow business owners to rent the amount of office space that they need, rather than paying for more space than what’s required. 

Within a serviced office, the term ‘serviced’ is relevant because of the all-inclusive office amenities that are included such as administrative support, IT support, a full-kitchen area, and facility management. 

It’s important to note that a Carr Workplaces serviced office differs entirely from a traditional coworking space or conventional office. A serviced office is your own private office or office suite for you and your team, as opposed to an expansive, open, shared coworking space. With a Carr Workplaces serviced office, you always control who enters your private space.  

Your serviced office is your own four private walls with included furnishings and a lockable door, so that you can get work done in peace – and no, clear glass panels don’t count as walls.  

Included in our serviced office product offerings are customizable full-time private offices, temporary private offices, and private day office rentals.

Benefits of a serviced office

Who Typically Uses a Serviced Office?

Given their flexibility, ease of use, and accessibility, serviced offices are home to a variety of client types. These clients can include:

  • Start-ups: Serviced offices are ideal for startup companies that are looking for suitable office space, without being tied down to a long-term contract
  • Businesses expanding to new markets: Businesses expanding to new, untested markets can utilize the short-term rental options of a serviced office, in hundreds of cities across the United States
  • Project-based teams: For these companies or teams who must fulfill a contract, a serviced office can provide a flexible, short-term solution that can be adjusted based on the date of completion of the project
  • Pop-up companies: Like project-based teams, pop-up companies who may need to be in a certain location for a short period of time, can utilize the flexible benefits that come with a serviced office
  • Companies experiencing growth: Serviced offices are ideal for growing, large companies who may be tied into long-term office agreements and need interim space for their employees or teams

What Services Are Included in a Serviced Office?

An administrative team member at a serviced officeAs the name itself suggests, serviced offices come complete with access to a wide range of services, all of which are provided at Carr Workplaces.

For a first point of contact for serviced office users, our cheerful, professionally trained team members will be your receptionist – greeting your clients as they arrive for meetings and answering business phone calls as they come in.

Our team members are also able to provide administrative services – both in-person and virtually – to meet your needs and act as an extension of your team. Whether it’s going to get your suit dry cleaned for an important meeting or helping you put together a big event, our team members are always ready to help in any way possible.

For the inevitable questions and troubleshooting that comes with technology, serviced office users can also utilize Carr Workplaces’ top-of-the-line IT services. With many meetings and presentations now taking place virtually because of the changing times, let our team of IT professionals handle any of the tech setup.

Each Carr Workplaces location is staffed with a readily available, professional, and knowledgeable team of IT professionals who can assist you, in-person or remotely.

Serviced office users can also utilize the prestigious business address of the Carr Workplaces location that they are working from.

With the use of a Carr Workplaces business address, we know that you may be receiving a variety of company addressed mail and packages. Our team members are trained to sort and handle all your mail so that they always end up in the correct hands.

All these useful amenities are included in a flexible contract that allows you to pivot appropriately as your business grows and evolves.

What Carr Workplaces Facilities Do Serviced Office Users Have Access To?

Private conference room While serviced offices offer unrivaled privacy – four walls and a lockable door – each Carr Workplaces location also has several included facilities outside of the office, for serviced office users to utilize.

For those whose day-to-day business operations revolve around collaboration and teamwork, a plethora of conference and meeting room options are available for serviced office users.

Carr Workplaces cafe coworking area

Each Carr Workplaces serviced office facility also has its own fully stocked community café area – complete with gourmet coffee, healthy snacks, and weekly fresh-baked cookies.

As the times and the new ‘normal’ work environment begins to take shape, the health and safety policy that surround these shared facilities will also continue to evolve to match best social distancing practices.

What Are the Benefits of a Serviced Office?

Away from the variety of facility services that come with a serviced office, users will also experience several first-rate benefits that come along with working at a Carr Workplaces center.  

Serviced offices come pre-furnished, with access to fast, reliable internet, as well as access to IT services – saving you hundreds in start-up costs. Each of our turnkey serviced offices are move-in ready so that you can get to work on day one.

Large private office space

You’ll find that Carr Workplaces’ shared offices nationwide centers are each located at a prestigious address, in Class A office buildings.

View from New York City serviced office spaceServiced office users can access any of Carr Workplaces’ nationwide locations – at any time – so don’t worry about having to search for a place to work during any potential business trips. From Washington, D.C. to Los Angeles, to the windy city of Chicago, our locations are within major markets across the United States, to have you covered wherever you travel.

We set ourselves apart from the rest, with our unrivaled dedication to flexibility and hospitality – which is emulated within our serviced workspace offerings.

With flexible terms offered, scalability, and immediate availability, it’s not just easy to take a serviced office with Carr Workplaces, it’s quick, efficient and we’ll have you in your own office, working on day one.

Is There a Serviced Office Space Near You?

Serviced office facilities take a lot of the burden off of business-owners with readily accessible administrative support and IT infrastructure. As a result, they’re more in-demand than ever before and popping up around the country.

Chances are, there is a Carr Workplaces serviced office space near you. We currently offer serviced offices and coworking in Washington D.C., New York, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Orange County, Maryland, Northern Virginia, Fort Lauderdale, and Purdue University.

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