How Does a Virtual Business Address Work? Virtual Mailbox Guide

Updated on August 24, 2021.

As the COVID-19 pandemic lingers on, businesses all over the world are continuing to re-evaluate their real estate footprint in today’s altered work environment. If the pandemic showed us anything, it’s that a company’s ability to be flexible and agile can be decisive in adapting to unforeseen conditions – such as a global pandemic forcing much of our work to be conducted from a virtual or remote capacity. While we don’t know exactly what the future holds, we’re now certain that possessing a virtual office option is crucial to combat any future shifts in the work world. Of these virtual office options, the virtual business address – or virtual mailbox – has proven to be one of the most effective remote work assets.

But what is a virtual business address, and how having a personal work address benefit your organization? Follow along for more information!

What Is a Virtual Business Address?

The spread of COVID-19 has forced many smaller companies, solo professionals, and entrepreneurs to move their business HQ’s to living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens.  

A virtual business address – also known as a virtual mailbox – provides these professionals with a physical street address to use for business within large and small markets alike across the country. Thus, ideal for those seeking to use Grand Central Station or Chicago’s famed AON Center as their mailing address – rather than their kitchen table. 

A virtual mailbox also gives companies and individuals the ability to work flexibly and remotely – while still having a business presence at said address.  

An ode to an increased amount of remote work in 2020, FlexJob’s Work-Life Relationship, 2020, writes, “84% reported that having a flexible job would help them better manage their mental health.”  

Not only is a virtual business address convenient but it also gives instant enhancement of business image and credibility when creating collateral or interacting with clients. Luxury office spaces are based out of Class A buildings for a reason.

But, having your own personal virtual business address also possesses many more advantageous features than it is perceived to have.  

Unlike a PO Box, a virtual address for a business can give users direct access to their mail as teams of trained administrative professionals can scan mail to be accessed online or forwarded directly to be opened in person.  

These administrative teams can act as a buffer to sort out any spam and alert companies of important mail that has been received, essentially serving as an entirely virtual and online mailbox.  

How Does a Virtual Business Address Work?

Here are the steps needed to receive your mail with a virtual business address:  

  1. Choose any nationwide Carr Workplaces location as your prestigious work address
  2. Have mail delivered to your new business address
  3. Administrative professionals at your work address will receive and sort your mail
  4. Choose the most convenient way to receive your mail for you: in-person pick-up, mail scanning over the cloud, or mail forwarding – you can also have checks directly deposited by Carr Workplaces team members

That’s it, setting up your virtual mailbox is an efficient and professional way to receive your mail. Your personal privacy will be protected, as the days of having to use your personal address to send and receive business collateral are over. Additionally, a professional administrative support team will handle all client drop offs for you. Whether you’re expecting a payment or other pertinent documentation, we’ll receive it on your behalf and ensure it gets to you quickly, along with the rest of your mail.

How Does Mail Forwarding and Mail Handling Work with a Virtual Business Address?  

While PO boxes have long-since offered a personal way to manage mail, virtual mailboxes with mail handling and mail forwarding services have become a simple, more professional alternative to receive all business collateral. Mail handling and mail forwarding at any Carr Workplaces nationwide gives you a secure and noteworthy business address to receive mail and packages, right in the heart of your preferred city.

Here is how a virtual business address plan works: 

  • Select your city of choice from any Carr Workplaces location around the country 
  • Get mail sent directly to your selected city 
  • Let our administrative professionals receive and scan your mail for you. 

Consider your different options to receive mail, and select the most convenient for you. With our plan, you can receive mail via: 

  • In-Person Pick-Up: Swing by your home Carr Workplaces center to get your mail directly 
  • Mail Scanning: If you want a mailing address in a specific city but don’t live in the area, administrative team members at your selected office can scan it and virtually send it your way 
  • Mail Forwarding: Have mail sent to your selected business address and shipped directly from the office space to you. 
  • Direct Deposit: Have the Carr Workplaces team deposit checks directly to your account 

No matter your preference, our professionally trained administrative team members will receive your mail, sort it, and then ensure that it ends up in the correct hands – whether it be you or to one of your clients. 

Are There Any Additional Benefits to a Virtual Business Address?

Virtual business addresses also come with on-demand access to physical office space – such as private day offices and meeting rooms – ideal for growing companies who require a bolstered virtual presence but who also have an occasional need for in-person office space 

What if I Need a Larger Combination of Virtual Office Products?

With the changing times, many flex space providers are also pivoting to shape their virtual office product offerings to meet today’s new demands.  

Most commonly has been the combination of multiple virtual office products – such as a virtual business address and business phone service – in either an à la carte style or a total combination in the form of a new product.  

This comprehensive package is known by Carr Workplaces as a Virtual Office Complete, which offers users the benefits of every virtual office product offerings, for one competitive, all-inclusive price.

Can I Get a Virtual Mailbox Near Me?

While your virtual mailbox is an exclusively online mailbox, you still might want a virtual business address near you.

Before you Google search, “virtual mailbox near me,” first consider virtual business addresses at Class A office spaces in major cities near you. Carr Workplaces has virtual work addresses available in Boston, Chicago, DC, Northern Virginia, Maryland, Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, Orange County, and Indiana.

Learn about how we can streamline and improve your business’ productivity.