Who Is Carr Workplaces? A Pioneer in Coworking Spaces for 20+ Years

Since 2003, Carr Workplaces has been empowering businesses across the United States by providing flexible, fully-furnished office spaces in coworking centers that are designed around the building of community.

Carr Workplaces has become popular with self-employed professionals, startups, and established businesses alike. In fact, many of the clients working from our coworking centers have been with us for many years.

Our nationwide network of upscale coworking centers are designed with the modern business in mind and provide everything that you and your team might need. Each of our coworking centers offers a multitude of workspace options, including private offices, team office suites, drop-in coworking space, and virtual office offerings.

Grounded in a hospitality approach, our mission is to make work life as stress-free and uncomplicated as possible for you and your team.

That’s why each of our locations conveniently includes on-site meeting and conference rooms that may be booked on-demand by the day or hour. Our coworking centers also offer on-site, often one-of-a-kind event spaces designed to impress.

Administrative Support

Whether you’re a sole proprietor, a small team, or a larger team distributed across multiple locations, you’ll enjoy all that our coworking centers have to offer — from weekly networking events and on-site support from our community management teams to all-inclusive pricing and the opportunity to join a thriving business community.

Read on to discover all that our coworking centers have to offer you and your business.

Carr Workplaces: A Trailblazer for 20+ Years

Carr Workplaces, which is a division of the Carr Companies, was founded in 2003 by Oliver T. Carr, Jr., who also serves as the current chairman of Carr Companies.

When Mr. Carr founded Carr Workplaces over 20 years ago, he did so out of a desire to create flexible workspaces that could become gathering spots for vibrant communities across the nation.

Mr. Carr’s goal was and is to create gathering places where people of all types can work, live, and thrive. It’s why all of our coworking centers are strategically located in centralized areas nearby green spaces and walking paths, fine dining, entertainment, museums, shopping, and public transit.

Mr. Carr leveraged the experience he’d gained from multiple decades of experience building homes, workplaces, and hotels to bring an all-inclusive, hospitality approach to coworking. This hospitality approach to workspaces is why Carr Workplaces often is viewed as a pioneer in the coworking industry.

Carr Workplaces differentiates itself from other coworking options with its focus on providing companies big and small with all-inclusive pricing, best-in-class amenities, and top-notch support from our on-site community management teams.

Since its founding, Carr Workplaces has become the go-to option for businesses seeking flexible workplace options to support a multitude of work styles and arrangements, including hybrid and remote work.

Although Carr Workplaces’ corporate office is headquartered in Washington, D.C., each Carr Workplaces coworking center is strategically situated in some of our nation’s largest and most influential markets.

Diverse Workspaces Available On-Demand Across the United States

At Carr Workplaces, we understand that companies and professionals have diverse needs when it comes to where and how they do their best work.

We offer a multitude of virtual and in-person workspace options to provide ultimate flexibility and empower you and your team to excel.

Unlike traditional office space, workspaces at our coworking centers may be leased on a short-term basis to ensure you’re never paying for office space that is unused.

Private Offices

Our coworking centers include several different private office options including full-time, part-time, and flex private offices. Private offices are especially popular with attorneys, therapists, wealth management companies, and other types of small businesses that require private office space for confidential meetings and/or dedicated space for focused work.

Team Suites

Many of Carr Workplaces’ locations also offer team spaces or multi-office suites. Our team spaces are ideal for small groups working on dedicated projects or for teams that require private office space as well as an open, collaborative workspace to facilitate group work.

Coworking Desks

Another popular option are our coworking desks, which include a desk in a shared, community workspace.

If you need a physical workspace but don’t yet require a private office, consider our Dedicated Desks or Touchdown Desks that are ideal for folks with unpredictable schedules. Both options provide you with a reserved, dedicated workspace at one of our nationwide locations.

Other coworking options include our Café Plan and Day Passes, which provide you with on-demand workspace at a low price point. Our Café Plan provides you with up to three hours per day in an unreserved seat in any common area at any of our coworking centers.

With our Day Pass, you’ll receive an unreserved seat in a common area at any of our locations for a full, single day.

Virtual Offices

Carr Workplaces’ Virtual Offices offerings are designed for fully remote solo professionals or remote teams.

Work From Home provides you with use of a prestigious virtual business address at any of our nationwide locations, two hours of virtual support, a business phone number with call answering, free notary services, and a free audio bridge for conference calls.

Other VO options include our Virtual Business Address that provides you with a prestigious business address, access to the our on-site support team, mail management, and member rates on all of our products and services.

Our Business Phone Service package features call handling services, a digital voicemail mailbox, access to virtual IT support, member rates on our products and services, and the option to add an audio bridge for conference calls.

Another possibility is our Workspace virtual office that allows you to reserve a fully furnished office or meeting and conference room at any of our locations.

If you want to combine all of the above, consider our Virtual Office Complete that combines multiple facets of our Virtual Business, Business Phone, and Workspace plans.

Meeting and Conference Rooms        

In addition to fully-furnished, high-end physical office spaces, each Carr Workplaces location also includes on-site meeting and conference rooms. Our award-winning meeting rooms feature modern décor, elegant furnishings, video and phone conferencing systems, built-in televisions, and projection systems.

At Carr Workplaces, It’s the People

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention our greatest asset and a major defining characteristic of our organization: our people!

As a family-owned and operated company, we believe our people — our staff members and our clients — are what matter most. The high value we place on people is reflected in the top-of-the-line service we offer in our coworking communities.

In fact, much of the positive feedback we receive from current clients centers on how terrific our community management teams are.

“Carr Workplaces provides elegant surroundings, all the necessary resources and a prestigious address,” says Richard Milone of the Milone Law Firm. “Best of all, the staff is exceptionally capable and friendly, and on par with major law firms. I routinely get compliments from clients about the professionalism of the Carr Workplaces team.”

When you become a client at a one of Carr Workplaces coworking centers, you’ll enjoy on-site support from our community management team included with your lease or booking.

Our friendly team can meet and greet guests, answer incoming phone calls for your company, assist with filing and other projects, provide IT support, and manage incoming mail and deliveries.

When you book one of our meeting and conference rooms, you’ll also receive presentation support from our on-site community management team.

To locate a Carr Workplaces coworking center near you, visit https://carrworkplaces.com/locations/ or call us at (866) 983-2099.

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