How Carr Workplaces Services Make Business and Life Easier

Have you ever had a long list of things that you needed to accomplish, but simply do not have the time to complete? I think we have all been there. My name is Megan Alexander and I am the General Manager of Carr Workplaces Pennsylvania Avenue, where we strive to make your life easier. Each of our Carr Workplaces locations is staffed with two to four workplace managers who are available five days a week to make sure that all your miscellaneous tasks are completed. We act as an extension of your business and are always happy to assist when given the opportunity. During my five plus years with Carr Workplaces, there is nothing that has been put on my plate or my team’s plate that we cannot handle, as long as it is legal of course!

So, what services does Carr Workplaces offer? Let’s not forget the basics. Our full office clients have everything on one monthly invoice needed to run an office efficiently. This includes phones, internet, unlimited black and white copies, conference room time and 24/7 workspace access, just to name a few.

However, Carr Workplaces offers more than just the basics.

  • Have a group coming in early morning and know that everyone is going to need a cup of coffee to wake up? We can set up beverage service to make it easily accessible for your guests. How about breakfast or lunch for your meeting? We not only will order the food, we take care of the set up and cleanup.
  • Need a few binders copied and shipped out?
  • Need a witness for a document signing?
  • Need some things taken down to the courthouse?
  • How about a personal assistant for 2 hours a week? Let us take on any task you need completed.
  • How about that birthday party this upcoming Saturday? Not only can we get the present, but we can also have it wrapped, all without you having to take your eyes up from that legal brief.
  • Going on vacation but don’t have anyone to watch your cat for the week? Yeah, we can help with that too.
  • What about all those online purchases that just don’t seem to match the online description? Drop them off at the front desk, and we will ship them out to return.

Whether your list is all business related or if it includes some personal items, we can help you to cross those items off your list. The happier our clients are, the happier we are.

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